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  • Bruce Farrell

    March 31, 2023 at 7:17 am

    Hey there, Deborah!

    How long was I in the hospital?
    Almost two months.

    Did I go into rehab?
    No., I went home. Once I got settled. I had speech therapy and occupational therapy five days a week. I got out of occupational therapy after about seven months. I’m still at speech therapy two times a week.

    Did I go back to work?
    Unfortunately, no. I was a proposal director, but haven’t been able to work. But who knows? Maybe someday.

    What is my biggest goal?
    My biggest goal would be to go back to work. I would like to just be normal again. Other than that my big role is to play in bands and hopefully be friends with everybody else.

    I hope that helps.